RH Motorsports provides a selection of Standard switch panels and full gauge panels to suite your needs.  With the ability to order our Standard panels and wire kits in Single quantity orders, they are great for when you are restoring or re powering your boat.  We also have the ability to custom screen/print logos and graphics for manufactures with reasonable minimum quantity orders.  We supply technical support during installation and same day shipping on replacement parts we stock.  Manufactures and customers appreciate the ability to order single in stock gauges and switches.  Contact us today for quotes that are custom tailored to your specific needs.

Full parts catalog coming soon. Check back for updates!


                                  RHM 4in1 Helm standard dash (8"x22") featured below

      Rocker Switches         Ignition & Power Point               Momentary                          Circuit Brakers

        RHM 7x STD Switch Panel                      RHM 5x STD Switch Panel

               8 1/2'' x 6 1/2''                                     6 1/2'' x 4 1/2''

    RHM 6x STD Switch Panel (front)                   RHM 6x STD Switch Panel (back)

                     8'' x 6 1/2''